We would like to appreciate Hanwha and Hanwha Total for their help in the development of construction airbag.

New Product

2017 New Powerfull Construction Airbag


Wearable Airbag & Safety gears

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Completion of airbag expansion within 0.08~0.15 second

Smart Safety Harness System

A safety management system that can prevent falls and perform site management at the same time

Service Development Range

Wearable Airbag & Safety gears


Absorb crash impact...


Riding accident absorption...


Absorb impact strength...


Boarding drones...


Emergency escape safety...


Safety landing..

Our Technology : Construction & Riding airbag, MEMS 9 axis motion sensing, IOT, AI, RTLS, etc

About Safeon

History of development since 2006

  • 2006. 09 Established SECUREMEDIC company
  • 2008. 05 Establishment of a plan for the development of a protective suit for construction crew
  • 2011. 02 Developed inflators for safety gears with noise and heat removed
  • 2011. 02 4 patent applications related to airbags
  • 2011. 03 Shock / speed test for "Motorcycle driver protective clothing" by JARI
  • 2011. 09 Patent registration for airbag 4 cases (early examination 4 cases)
  • 2012. 01“Inflator PCT" for installation of safety gears
  • 2012. 02 Patent application of "Fall detection method", "Driver's body mounted driving status determination method"
  • 2012. 03 Shock / speed test for "Motorcycle driver protective clothing" by JARI
  • 2012. 03 Inflator "heat", "noise", "constant temperature and humidity" test conducted - KTL
  • 2013. 12 Completed development of prototype protective construction airbag and registered patent
  • 2014. 09 Applied a patent for "inflators for attaching protective gear"
  • 2014. 12 Complete development of protective airbag for motorcycle & riding, construction
  • 2015. 09 Patent registration and PCT application for "inflators for attaching protective gear"
  • 2016. 08 “SAFEON”Trademark registration
  • 2016. 12 Patented inflator for attachment of protective gear
  • 2017. 02 Overseas patent for inflator for protection equipment (USA, EU, Japan, China)
  • 2017. 05 Applying IOT and developing new structure, Registration of suppliers and supply : HANWHA-TOTAL, SAMSUNG ENGINEERING, SSANGYOUNG CONSTRUCTION Applying IOT and developing new structure
  • 2017. 07 Established SAFEON company specializing in airbag system and safety gears

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Patent Technology Status

We have many original technologies.

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